COVID-19 Reporting Plan

Cape Coral Soccer Association Revised COVID-19 Reporting Plan and Guidelines for Return to Play

The following policies apply to all “CCSA Members,” including all players, parents, coaches, staff, and volunteers who have any physical presence at our fields, facilities, or events.  

CCSA has sought to align its Covid-19 quarantine policies and procedures with Lee County Schools to the extent possible, recognizing that they operate in a different setting (largely indoors).  The School System’s policies and procedures have undergone significant revision during the 2021-2022 soccer season, so we are updating our guidance accordingly.  Here is a flowchart published by Lee County Schools setting forth the protocols discussed below:

Lee County Schools Protocols


CCSA Members who have Covid-19 symptoms, who have tested positive for Covid-19, or who are awaiting Covid-19 test results should quarantine and not resume attending CCSA activities until:

  • The CCSA Member receives a negative Covid-19 diagnostic test and is asymptomatic (a “home test” with Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or full approval from the FDA is acceptable for this purpose, as per the flowchart linked above); OR
  • 10 calendar days have passed since the onset of symptoms, the CCSA Member has not had a fever for at least 24 hours, and other symptoms are essentially resolved (without still needing symptom-relieving medication); OR
  • The CCSA Member receives written permission from an MD, DO, or ARNP to resume activities and symptoms are essentially resolved (without still needing symptom-relieving medication).  

*CCSA Members who test positive for Covid-19 are also required to self-report to CCSA using the following form so that we can track transmission patterns and consider implementing mitigation measures for certain groups or teams:

Report Here

*CCSA will cooperate with local health officials as applicable; however, health confidentiality and disability laws prohibit the disclosure of personal details within the Club.  In the past, we have notified certain CCSA Members who have been exposed to confirmed cases of Covid-19, but, given the prevalence of spread of the new variants, implementing a notification system is not feasible at this time. You should assume that exposure is likely in any gathering and determine whether you want to assume that risk by attending CCSA events.

CCSA Members who are merely exposed to someone who tests positive for Covid-19 or to someone with Covid-19 symptoms may quarantine, but they are not required to do so unless they become symptomatic, in which case the guidance above for “CCSA Members who have Covid-19 symptoms” should be followed.  Per the CDC, “exposure” is considered to be close contact within 6 feet, for 15 minutes or more, cumulative within a 24-hour period.

CCSA is not in the business of reviewing medical records, so we do not require the submission of test results or return notes from medical providers to the Club.  CCSA Members are expected to follow this guidance “on their honor,” and discipline may result from a failure to do so that puts other CCSA Members in jeopardy.

Some of the changes above reflect the fact that the latest Covid-19 variant, Omicron, is reportedly highly-transmissible but less severe.  We are also mindful of the fact that Covid-19 seems to spread less frequently outdoors.  However, it is still a serious disease that poses a significant risk to persons with certain risk factors.  And its highly-transmissible nature means that entire teams may not be able to participate in events if appropriate procedures are not followed to minimize transmission.  Therefore, we ask all CCSA Members to use common sense and to follow these procedures to minimize disruptions to CCSA activities, and, far more importantly, to protect the health of our CCSA Members and their families.