The Select Program (CYCLONES) is under the guidance and curriculum of our full-time Director of Soccer Operations and consists of Professional and Parent Coaches, as well as Professional Trainers all Licensed by the United States Soccer Federation or the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.

U8–U19 2023-24 Age Chart

Players younger than U8 are not permitted to tryout for a SELECT team.

Birth YearAge Group


IF you missed the 2023-24 Cyclones tryouts and would like to play, please contact coach Eddie

Include the year your child was born and soccer playing history. 


The fees for the Select Program are set by the Board of Directors each year.  This fee includes  training, registration and league fees, and other direct and administrative costs. By accepting a position offered on a CCSA Select team, you accept the obligation for all financial commitments as required by the Select Program of CCSA If necessary, financial assistance is available, by application only.

Fees for the 2023-24 season will be announced at a later date.

There are 2 payment options for players that make the team. 

U9 to U17 players

Options 1) Pay in full with a check for $895.

Options 2) Payment plan:  $135 down and 8 payments of *$95 per month starting June 1st.  Must use auto monthly draft from a credit card for this option. (*$6.00 per month fee added for payment plan)

U8 players

Options 1) Pay in full with a check for $600.

Options 2) Payment plan:  $200 down and 5 payments of *$80 per month starting June 1st.  Must use auto monthly draft from a credit card for this option. (*$6.00 per month fee added for payment plan)

U18 & U19 players

Options 1) Pay in full with a check for $550.

Options 2) Payment plan:  $150 down and 5 payments of *$80 per month starting June 1st.  Must use auto monthly draft from a credit card for this option. (*$6.00 per month fee added for payment plan)


Players registering for the Select Program are committing for the seasonal year according to FYSA rules and bylaws.

Training / Practice

Select teams will train two times per week at the Pelican Soccer Complex. Exact days and times of practice will be determined by the Club and Coach. Your Coach will notify you with this information as soon as it is available.

Trainers & Coaches

Once the coaches are selected for each team a list will be posted and emailed out to all families registered for tryouts.  Coaches will be posted PRIOR to the start of tryouts for all first teams.


Additional information to be provided for the 2023-2024 season.

U14 and under season runs from Aug 1st to May 1st

U15 and up season runs from July 24 to May 1st.

 Showcase teams that qualify for Nationals could have the season extend into June.

Seasonal Schedule

Teams will participate in a League that the coach and Director feel is the best level of competition for each team. This includes all FYSA leagues and US Club soccer leagues that are available. League play usually is between 10 and 16 games.


Select Program (Cyclones) teams can expect to attend tournaments over the course of the year; some take place over holiday weekends. Younger teams and second level teams will play mostly local events (typically 1 hour radius). Older teams and higher level teams will branch out further (2 hour radius). Showcase teams could be anywhere in the state as well as some events outside of Florida. These decisions are based on what the coach and the Director decide is in the best interest of each team.

Parents / Guardians

Parents / Guardians of players participating in tournaments or matches where an overnight stay is necessary shall make reasonable arrangements for their children concerning travel, meals, accommodations, chaperoning/supervision and all other requirements necessary for the care and safeguarding of their children. Players shall NOT stay overnight in the same room with any coach unless the coach is the player’s parent. If parents cannot attend an out-of-town match/tournament, they must arrange for the parents of another player, or another suitable adult who is NOT a coach at CCSA, to supervise and chaperone their child.

Travel expenses associated with Tournament play are the responsibility of each player’s family. In addition to the registration fee, please be aware that additional costs may be incurred due to out-of-town games/tournament play, including, but not limited to, transportation costs, lodging, and meals.

Team Manager

Each team will have a parent team manager, appointed by the team coach, who handles all administrative duties of the team. Each team manager working collaboratively with the coach will provide information about the team, the team budget, its accomplishments, individual player accomplishments, travel arrangements, travel paperwork, and all other administrative needs of the team. The team manager should enlist the help of other parents on the team to accomplish this task.

Parents & Players – General Rules

Please do not coach your child during the game.  Everyone had an opportunity to volunteer as a coach.  During the game you can cheer for your team and child, but do not coach. 

  • Do not yell at or verbally abuse the referee 
  • Do not approach you coach to complain, during or after the game or practice.  If you have a problem with your coach, send an email to Eddie Carmean at Keep in mind they are volunteers.
  • Do not stand behind the goals or anywhere near the goals during the games.
  • No Dogs or other pets allowed at the field.  This is a city ordinance, you will be asked to leave the field.  People get very upset when they show up at the field and have to leave because of their dog.  (If you invite a family member or friend to watch a game, let them know)
  • No smoking on the field.  You must go to the parking lot if you want to smoke. 
  • All players must wear shin guards for games and practices.
  • No hard cast permitted for practice or games.
  • No jewelry worn for practice or games.  Stud earrings must be taped up.  All other earrings are not allowed.
  • Keep an eye on your kids while they are at the playground.  This is a public park and we cannot control what type of people may be there.
  • Make sure tents are a safe distance from the sidelines.
  • No hanging on the goals or nets.  Every year in the USA many children are killed by hanging on goals.  As they swing on the goal the goal topples over and the cross bar crushes their windpipe or skull.  Please help us enforce these rules with your children.
  • No climbing trees or fences.

The following rules are set up to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your children:  

  • During the games one sideline is for the players and the coaches and the other is for the parents.  Please do not sit on the Player/Coaches side of the field. *(Except for U6 players) U6 players can sit with their parents while waiting to play.
  • If there is a problem at your field go to the concession stand and ask for a field Marshal or board member.

Where do the registration fees go?

The Cape Coral Soccer Association (CCSA) is often times asked by it’s membership where their Recreation Registration Fees are being spent? The CCSA due to their dedicated volunteers are capable of keeping the fees at a minimum. The following are some of the items and areas in which your fees are off setting CCSA expenses. Here are some club expenses:

  • Salary of Director of Soccer Operations and Club Administrator 
  • Referee Fees
  • Uniforms
  • Fabrication/Purchase of Goals & Benches
  • Nets
  • Field Flags
  • Field Paint
  • Striping Machines
  • Fall Festival Expenses
  • Trophies/Medals
  • Coaches Shirts, Cones, Balls, Air Pumps
  • Office Supplies & Equipment
  • Printing Costs
  • Mailing Costs
  • Audio/Speaker System installed @ the Cape Coral Sports Complex
  • Lightning Detection Devices at all fields
  • CCSA website
  • CCSA Registration site powered by Blue Sombrero

Thank you and have a great season!
– Eddie Carmean, Director of Soccer Operations