FAQ & Rules

Frequently Asked Questions
What age groups does your club have for competitive (travel) soccer?

Our Cyclones program is open to players starting at the U8 age group, and goes up through U19. We field teams at every age group and if possible will have multiple teams in each age group to accommodate players of varying levels of skill.

What leagues do the CCSA Cyclone team participate in?

Cyclone teams may participate in any of the following sanctioned leagues – DPL, SWFL, SFU, FLUGSA, USA, Sunshine Conference, Florida United Soccer Alliance, FSPL, SRPL-E, U.S. Club, or FYSA State Cup League. In addition, all of our teams are eligible to participate in the FYSA Commissioners Cup, Presidents Cup and State Cup tournaments, and can advance to USYS Regionals and Nationals for President’s Cup and State Cup competition. League placement is based on careful evaluation of the team by the Director of Coaching and staff in order to place each team at the appropriate level of competition so as to challenge each player while maximizing player and team achievement.

What affiliations does your club have?

We are affiliated with the Florida Youth Soccer Association, which operates under the United States Youth Soccer, as well as US Club Soccer.

What ages can my child play soccer?

The Cape Coral Soccer Association administers players from the age of U5 to U19. Players in the recreational program are age 5-15, while we offer competitive (travel) teams from age 8-18.

What does the “U” mean in U8 etc. mean?

It stands for Under. This means that that each team member will be “under” a specified age group.

What equipment will my child need?

The only thing any player really needs is a ball and the desire to play! In addition to your child’s desire, players must wear appropriate footwear and shin guards.

Footwear can range from indoor soccer shoes (grooved rubber sole), to turf shoes (small rubber nubs), to cleats (10-12 molded plastic pieces on soles), to studs (6-8 metal spikes on soles). The field surface and weather conditions will determine the appropriate footwear. The flatter and harder the field, players will want flat, soft shoes (indoor or turf). Playing on grass usually requires cleats.

Shin guards are also mandatory equipment for any official game. Shin guards can cost as little as $5 or more than $50, depending on the materials. They can range from a simple piece of plastic to state-of-the-art synthetic materials. The strength of the shin guard materials is in direct proportion to the strength of the opponent’s kicking ability. Most sporting good stores will have a variety of equipment for you to choose from.

Do boys and girls play on the same team?

In the Cape Coral Soccer Association, boys and girls play on separate teams.

How do I find Forms on the CCSA website?

All forms can be found under the resources section. For additional support, please email us at [email protected]